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Food Truck Catering


The Blaxican is the one-stop shop for all your food truck catering needs! Our specialty is crafting innovative fusion dishes that combine Mexican and Soulfood flavors, creating a unique experience that will amaze your guests.


We provide food truck catering for groups ranging from 50-500 guests, and our $1,500 minimum includes the food and the serving of your selected menu items during a 2-6 hour window (based on the group size). Your guests will have their choice of four main dishes and two sides, all of which come with optional sauces and toppings. Of course, all meals also include a drink.

To get started complete the form below and we will contact you with our availability and next steps.


Catering Request Form
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Select your 4 Main dish choices:
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Select your 2 Side dish choices
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Have questions, send us a email

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